Why learn Portuguese?
Learning Portuguese will help you explore the beauties and better enjoy your time in Brazil. You will also gain the confidence to do business in a country with one of  the highest economic potential in the world.

The Portuguese language
Portuguese is the official language of  Brazil, used by the 200 million people of the country. Only a small portion of the middle and upper class speak a second language in Brazil. It is very valuable to speak even a few phrases in Portuguese as it will help you with your daily activities.

Knowing the language and culture of Brazil can help you  get a job working with Brazilians or even starting a  business in a country that offers great opportunities in various sectors  such as oil, gas, chemical, automotive, medical technology, and many  others.

Brazil is a very diverse country and is loaded with culture. It’s population is one of the most multiracial in the world, formed by European immigrants, Africans, Asians and many more. They landed  in Brazil to seek a better life, helping to shape a country of many customs and traditions.

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