Vitoria is rated as one of the top cities for quality of life in Brazil. There is nothing you can’t find in Vitoria. From the beaches, mountains, forests, parks, and a bustling nightlife. Everything is within a short walk or car ride. There are also museums, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, universities, an airport and shopping malls, all very close. The city is a short flight from major cities of Brazil like São Paulo (1 hour), Rio de Janeiro (40 minutes), Belo Horizonte (40 minutes) and Salvador (1:20 hours).

The School is located in the neighborhood Jardim da Penha(Rock Garden). It is very centralized and is easy to get to everything Vitoria has to offer. Jardim da Penha has a high concentration of students due to the proximity of the Universities. The beach is about a 10 minute walk and the 2 biggest entertainment districts are a 20 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride.

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